Monday, July 29, 2013

Mappy Monday - Around Oakman, Georgia

After attending the church Homecoming and writing about it in a  previous post,  I wanted to make a map pinpointing some of the places that were associated with my husband's family.  I used Google Map Engine Lite and was able to create this map in just a few minutes.  Map Engine Lite is a free download from Google, and Google provides an easy to follow tutorial on using this map program here.

Below is a little about the places indicated on the map above.

A - Dan Whittemore used to have a country store located at this area.  Family stories say that the town's Post Office was, for a time, located in his store.

Old Oakman School
B - Today the old school is closed, but part of the building is now used as a community center.  The community center was donated to the community in memory of Kip Whittemore.  Through the years, several family members taught at this school.

C - Dan and Bessie Whittemore lived in this house for many years.  Today the house seems to be in good condition with a new family living there.

D - The Oakman-Ranger United Methodist Church was founded in 1870.  The original wooden church was located between the site of the present church and the church cemetery.

Oakman Methodist Cemetery
E - The Oakman Methodist Cemetery is next to the site of the original church building.  There are a number of Padgett and Whittemore relatives buried in the family plots of this small cemetery.

F - Today the house where Uncle Will and Aunt Willie Whittemore used to live is vacant.  The old barn on the farm still stands just south of the house.

One thing I liked about using Map Engine Lite was the ability to add points of interest to a map along with labels and descriptions.  Currently there is not the ability to also add photos to a map, but perhaps that will be available before too long.  I can also choose to make my map private or to share with specific individuals or even with the world.  I chose to make this map private, but when I share it with family members, they can read an extended description, additional information, stories, GPS locations if they click on any labeled point.  Pretty neat way to share family history!

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