Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love Your Library

Pursuing your interest in genealogy and family history doesn't have to be expensive when you put your local public library high on your list of resources.  Here are just a few of the free resources available at my local library.

  • Online access to Heritage Quest - I can look at census records, read digitized family histories and other genealogical and historical materials, all from my home and at my convenience.
  • Library Edition - This has just been added for use at the library.  Now anyone can access millions of records and databases without having to purchase a personal subscription.  All I need is my library card.
  • Local history materials - If you're researching family living in the area, your local library is a great place to start.
  • Genealogy reference books - From information about my Mayflower ancestors to Civil War battles and naturalization, there is such a variety available.
  • Genealogy information books - There are books available for checkout or ebook download on many topics related to your research, again free.  I can even receive circulating materials from other libraries on interlibrary loan.
  • Genealogy magazines - My library subscribes to a number of excellent periodicals filled with helpful tips and information.  I try to browse through one whenever I'm there.
  • Help -  Our local genealogical society has volunteers helping once a month in the library's genealogy collection.  Also, in visiting public libraries in other areas, I've found the library staff to be very helpful in my research.
Your public library probably has similar materials and services.  Spend some time there seeing what is available to you.

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