Monday, January 28, 2013

Visiting The Digital State Archives

(], via Wikimedia Commons
It turns out that my husband's family and my family have many ancestors who lived in the same Georgia county, Cherokee County.  We even joke that our relatives surely must have passed each other in town or gone swimming in the creek together in times past.  I regularly use the same great online resources about Georgia regardless of the family I'm researching.  Georgia's Virtual Vault and The Digital Library of Georgia are right up there on my virtual speed dial.

When I'm looking for similar resources for researching people in other states, I find myself stumbling around trying to find online collections about an unfamiliar area.  Along comes a wonderful web site, The Digital State Archives.  The website has so far gathered links to the digital resources of 36 states.  The link for the state of Georgia, for example, provides a detailed listing of resources available with an active link to each collection.  (note: The Georgia Virtual Vault link on the Georgia Digital State Archives page has changed in 2013, use instead.)

I've used the state links from The Digital State Archives to find new digital collections on a number of occasions, most recently when I was looking for information pertaining to Alabama, Florida, and Texas.  It is always helpful to have an informative starting place when seeking additional online resources.  The Digital State Archives is definitely worth adding to your Favorites list.

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