Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday : Virtual RootsTech

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Last week was RootsTech 2013.  For several reasons I was not able to attend, but I really appreciate those who made it possible for me to vicariously experience what was surely an exception conference.

  • Thanks to RootsTech for not only streaming live the speakers and panels but also archiving them so that I can watch them whenever I choose.  (I was playing "Hide Easter Eggs" with my grandchild during many of those live sessions, and I wasn't about to skip that joy, even to see wonderful speakers being streamed live.)
  • Thanks to Dear Myrt for her interviews with presenters and vendors, now archived on her YouTube channel.  You can really learn a lot about new products and services in three or four minutes.
  • Thanks to all of the official RootsTech bloggers.  I've been enjoying your pictures and comments, plus I've found some new blogs to follow.
  • Thanks to Dick Eastman's wrap-up report that gave a real sense of being at the entire conference.
Maybe next year I'll be there or at least at one of the planned smaller conferences.  Until then, thanks for my virtual RootsTech experience this year.

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