Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Tips - The Organized Genealogist

My desk on a good day ...
My genealogy space probably looks like so many others - piles of papers, photos, plus stuff I know is there but can't lay my hands on at this exact minute.  It is comforting to see that so many other members of The Organized Genealogist facebook group have started with similar problems and are now posting their solutions on a variety of organizational topics.

The Organized Genealogist web site actually links to four areas: 
  • The Organized Genealogist facebook page.  This page is open to all and is what lead to the discussion group on facebook.
  • The Organized Genealogist discussion group on facebook.  This discussion group is a closed group, but you can request to be a part of it.  There are usually several original postings a day which received a lot of "likes" and helpful comments.  Plus group administrator Susan Peterson may post an organizational challenge, enabling you to follow the solutions others have come up with to solve an issue.  For me, this is a treasure chest of helpful information.
  • The Organized Genealogist blog.  The blog has occasional posts including guest posts on a variety of organizational topics, often with photos.  
  • The Organized Genealogist Twitter feed.
I've been part of the discussion group for a few weeks now and have already picked up several helpful, proven suggestions.  I've even started a list on Google Drive of these suggestions so I can remember them, then note when and how I actually accomplish them.

Here's are a few examples of the type of helpful information available through the discussion group.  Cyndi Howells of Cyndi's List posted about ways to organize PC files and included a lot of basic organizational tips.  Earlier, another post mentioned how helpful a second monitor was when transcribing old letters and other documents.  Thanks to my husband, the TV in our guest room / genealogy / scrapbooking space is now serving as my second monitor.  Plus, last week there were a number of different suggestions on how to remove old photos from those sticky page albums we all used years ago.

The Organized Genealogist Discussion Group has facebook posts I definitely take the time to read each day.  No telling what helpful information I might miss if I scrolled past them.

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