Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Story Continues ... August 2013

Image by Samuel Tan, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

From time to time, I have new information to add to some of my previous posts.

After hearing from several people who inquired about the photo of Calder Baynard Willingham, I e-mailed them a copy of the photo.  I seemed to receive the most responses from the "Post It" notes I had added to family trees on where Calder's name and family were among their branches.  One individual and I corresponded further.  After I received a mailing address from this person, I was able to send the photo to its new home 1500 miles away.  This person plans to post the photo on a family related website and may eventually send it on to a closer relative.

I had visited the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogy Library in Greeneville, Tennessee, looking for original documents about a family marriage.  Some time later, I was telling a friend about my trip.  Turns out that T. Elmer Cox was a half-brother of her great grandmother and thus related to her.  Small world!

I'm still looking for military information about my husband's uncle Louie Love Padgett.  Our original request to the National Archives was returned with a form requesting more detailed information.  It seems that his record may have been part of the large number destroyed in a fire in 1973, so they are looking at alternative records for these World War One veterans.  There are a number of specific questions needing our input as well as a request for photocopies of any documentation we have.  Glancing over the new questionnaire shows that we unfortunately have little new information to submit.  We will send a picture of Louie's grave marker (showing his rank but not a military style marker) as well as photocopies of a page of the Emory University 1921 yearbook (listing his military service), a page from his passport application (indicating the military unit he was with in France), and his obituary (mentioning his National Guard service and rank) .  Hopefully, this story isn't over.

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