Thursday, September 26, 2013

Opening a Door to More State Resources

Open Door by Richard Croft
Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, a Library of Congress blog posted a list of 71 Digital Portals to various online state resources.  I appreciate Dick Eastman mentioning this list in his online genealogy newsletter.

The list was compiled by Ingrid Jermudd, an intern with the National Data Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.  If you do not already have a list of state resources you are using, this would be a helpful list to bookmark.  One new feature in this list is the inclusion of several regional web sites, not just states.  It is also worth looking at the comments section to see other sites suggested by readers.  There are already plans to update this list with additional state and regional resource web sites.

Check it out and perhaps suggest a favorite resource that you consider to be essential for researching a certain state.

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