Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories*: December 9 - Christmas Crafts

One of the joys of retirement is having more time to make special things for others.  One of my Christmas craft projects this year has been making a set of Wizard of Oz puppets for one of my grandchildren.  This little one loves The Wizard of Oz and wants to grow her hair long enough to braid, just like Dorothy.  Although she probably won't recognize it, remnants from some past projects made their way into her puppets.

As I worked on the puppets, I remembered fondly several Christmas crafts given to me as a child.  One year an aunt sent me a Christmas tree made with graduated rings of white crinoline covered with stars, all stacked on a candle.  For years, I felt this was the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world, especially when I was allowed to put it together on the candle as we were decorating the house.  Another special hand-made Christmas gift was an embroidered doll blanket made for me by my Grandmother using scraps of silk fabrics.  Both the crinoline Christmas tree and the doll blanket have long since gone, but I still keep happy memories of both.

Shh-h-h-h!  Don't tell my little one about her puppets.  I want it to be a big surprise for her.

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