Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (almost): Rev. Dr. Albert Bell Vaughan, Jr.

Dr. Albert Bell Vaughan, Jr.
ca 1910

The Reverend Dr. Albert Bell Vaughan, Jr. was my Great Grandfather.  I now have a very usable photo of him, thanks to my new Flip-Pal scanner.  The original photo pictured below is probably 100 years old, badly curled, and the heavy paper on which it was printed is splitting into plies.  It even has holes at the top and bottom as if someone had nailed it to a wall.  

I decided to scan it as my first Flip-Pal project.  It was amazing to see how the Flip-Pal stitched together 11 images to form the new picture.  After opening the stitched photo in Photoshop, I spent a few minutes cropping, doing a little touch-up, and converting to a version of black and white photography, ending up with the great picture above. 

Original photo, approximately 10 x 16 in.

Flip-Pal picture, stitched from 11 scans


  1. Okay, that's just amazing. Consider me impressed with the Flip-Pal!

  2. Rev.Albert Bell Vaughan, Jr. is my Great granduncle. I descend from his brother, John Caldwell Vaughan (1853-1936).

    You can see my database at:

    Do you know where their father and mother are buried?

    1. Thanks for sharing your database. Right now I do not know where Albert Bell Vaughan, Sr. and Charlotte Slade Vaughan are buried. Currently I'm working on the Camp branch of my family, but when I move to doing more research on the Vaughan branch of the family, I'll definitely be looking for that information.