Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have You Heard the News* About Paul Perkinson

It seems that my Great Uncle Paul Perkinson shared something in common with humorist and writer Mark Twain. Each had to deal with a report of his death.

Imagine sitting down with your first cup of coffee, opening the morning newspaper, and reading this article about yourself. Definitely would call for a second cup!

The [Atlanta] Constitution, 4 Feb 1903

And then, three days later, this article appeared in The Constitution.

The [Atlanta] Constitution, 7 Feb 1903

Had it been a college prank? Was it a serious mix-up by a Macon mortuary? The truth never came out in fact or through family lore. After that notice published in 1903, Paul Benson Perkinson actually lived another 40 years until his death in September of 1943.

* Have You Heard the News is a series of posts about family information gleaned from copies of Atlanta newspapers available through www.fold3.com, www.ancestry.com, and the Digital Archives of Georgia.

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