Thursday, August 21, 2014

What To Do, What To Do ...

Laptop keyboard before

As I glanced over the post I was composing, I noticed that almost every word I had typed on my laptop was misspelled.  I'm a former teacher.  Stuff like that just shouldn't happen.  As I looked more closely at my laptop, I saw a possible reason.  In four years of use, I had actually worn the letters off a number of the keys, 13 of them to be exact!  No wonder my typing caused such a mess.

13 worn keys, highlighted in orange

With a desktop computer, I could by a replacement keyboard for $15.  Not so with my laptop.  Individual replacement keys online were $5 each plus shipping.  So I headed to my local office supply store to look for a better solution.

I ended up purchasing a cartridge of black tape with white lettering for my P-Touch printer.  After doing a few sample letters, I came up with a size that closely matched the letters on my keyboard.  In a few minutes, my laptop looked like this.

Laptop keyboard after

I actually did this repair over a month ago.  The tape has stayed put, no loose pieces of tape, no edges sticking to my fingers as I type.  I'd say it was a successful repair.

Now I can enter data into Family Tree Maker, write blog posts, add notes to my research logs, key to my heart's content.  Sometimes, it is worth it to give a plan a try.

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